Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009 Entry

It is 1530 on May 19, 2009. We hit the Gulf Stream this morning and
the expected weather front about an hour and a half ago. After more
than 24 hours of motoring in winds of less than 5 knots, a front has
never been more welcome. Even in the Gulf Stream. No rain yet, but
the winds have picked up to 15-20 knots NE, and we are finally sailing
again with all sails without the noise of the iron sail. Our current
position is 36 01.990 N 067 36.931 W. We will probably be in the
Gulf Stream for another 150 nautical miles. It has given us the
opposite of every other crossing - calm seas and little wind. It is a
nonevent - so far. It was piping hot this morning, and we opened the
hatches to cool the cabin. The water temperature fluctuates, but
remains in the low 70s. We have a slight current to the North, but
nothing significant at this time. 367 nm to Newport.

At around 2230 last night, on Kel's watch, the engine stopped cold.
We had drained the fuel tank dry. It took about an hour to refuel,
clean the inevitable mess from fueling at sea, and get running again.
Because we did not try to run the engine prior to refueling, it did
not need to be bled.

Yesterday's quiet gave us an opportunity to cut into a large
watermelon in the cockpit which was purchased in Bermuda. Scrambled
eggs for breakfast this morning. Lots of fluids. Food consumption
increases when there is less rocking, and decreases in high wind.

Team Welcome


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