Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Day in Port

The hapless crew of Welcome III remains in Bermuda waiting for a favorable weather window. We learned today that the autopilot needs a new brain, and alas, there are no brains on the island. Craig, from Marine Communications, proved to be a gem, despite the fact that he could not fix our autopilot. He broke and repaired our instruments over the course of two visits. We thanked him with a gin and tonic. He assured us that we not the smallest boat to ever take this trip. DHL has apparently lost the new Simrad chartplotter/radar - sent overnight three days ago. Tiffany at DHL told me that she does not understand why DHL people say that things can be sent overnight to Bermuda when that never happens. There is some debate within DHL about whether the instrument is on a truck or on a ramp, but there is no question that it has arrived in Bermuda.

Finally adjusting to island life, Jay, Ann and Michael had beer at lunch. Later, Jay washed laundry. Michael took it off the temporary laundry line, and dropped Jay's sock in the water. After retreiving the gold plated boat hook and failing to get the sock, he regretted not jumping in after it. Michael and Ann spent time trying to find a timer which can accomodate 90 minute shifts, but could only find a suggestion from a clerk that we adjust our watches to 60 minutes each so that she could sell us a timer. Herb, on shortwave radio station 12359, out of Toronto, has pronounced the opening of a weather window tomorrow from Bermuda going south. Charter captains from the mega yachts gathered around the picnic table at the marina to dissect Herb's analysis with the riffraff listening in trying to glean a little courage. There will be a mass exodus. Only one of the six boats at this marina will stay beyond this window. Even Bernie, our dockmaster, is leaving. He is going to New Hampshire to accompany his grand poohbah wife to a Kiwanas' meeting in North Conway. Jay and Ann have gone to Customs to check out. The customs agent will return our flare guns as long as we promise to stow them in a place that is secure. We need to add some diesel fuel. Donna will go to DHL in the morning to stir up a little anxiety. We are eager to leave and begin the second leg. Tortola - seven to ten days away - here we come.

Welcome III


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